117 has gone AWOL and the UNSC want him back

I know it’s probably been discussed already, however I noticed this and I don’t know why I didn’t before (I likely wasn’t paying attention)

Masterchief has gone AWOL, for what purpose? With the loss of Cortana, according to Escalation, hes still continuing to carry out missions, regardless of what his orders are. However we don’t exactly know at what point after Escalation John went AWOL, or what transport he took. The E3 2014 trailer shows Chief in a cloak covering his body, his Mjlinor damaged because it was not fixed, likely because he took off without anyones knowledge and likely the crack is his helmet is to show the damage the Didact did, when he grabbed him in Escalation.

Now as he’s holding Cortana’s AI chip, as 343 has stated numerous times she’s not coming back. Is John looking for someone or something to replace her with. Does Chief think that Mendicant Bias can create someone, like Cortana but not actually be Cortana in the sense?

Now Locke mentions, he’s hunting John, for the UNSC, however that could be his cover for ONI, since his Mjlinor is donned with the ONI emblem on his chestplate but is it really is cover for ONI? Lasky speaks to Chief about not pretending to know how he feels. John mentions that their duty as Soldiers is to protect humanity whatever the cost. Lasky retorts with theres no difference between Soldiers and Humanity, that Soldiers aren’t machines, that they’re Human, that they’re just people. After Lasky walks off, John mutters about Cortana telling him that once.

Perhaps Chief has gone AWOL because he wants to find his humanity? He’s been trained to be a Soldier and has fought unending battles that perhaps in his mind, he’s felt like a machine with being a Spartan. Perhaps he is searching now for Mendicant Bias for that very reason? It’s said that Mendicant Bias was exiled to live forever under a dessert. Perhaps the planet that John is on in the trailer is that planet?

With ONI, could Locke be making cover for ONI because he was ordered to and not out of his free will? With everything ONI has done, poisoning the Sangehelli’s food on Sanghelios in an attempt to wipe them out, ordering Hasleys assassination. Could John had found this out, and also went AWOL for this reason, because he knows ONI’s true intent? Perhaps could he meet up with Jul’Mdama in Halo 5 and have everything explained to him by Hasley?

There seems to be more questions then answers.