117 Achievement not unlocking on Xbox One

I’ve obtained gold stars in all missions, but the 117 achievement has not unlocked and is showing as only 86% complete on the achievement app. I started the game up on both WP and W8 and the achievement unlocked on both platforms. Is this a common glitch and is there a way to fix it?

Have you finished all operations on XBOX ONE?

The 117 achievement for XBOX ONE only counts the gold star for an operation that you have obtained in the Windows 8 / Windows Phone version of the game, if you replay (and finish) an operation on XBOX ONE!

Currently if you completed this on another device, it will show that you have everything on your Xbox One, but you in fact need to go through everything on your Xbox One in order to unlock this achievement. You may need to track your progress manually outside of the game.

For gold stars, you can see what you’ve earned on what platform by looking at your Spartan Assault career here on Waypoint – there’s a dropdown under your big star that lets you select Xbox One, Windows 8, or Windows Phone 8.

Unfortunately, mine shows that I have earned a gold star on all operation missions (plus that “higher than gold” medal on A-1) for the Xbox One, and 117 will not unlock for me. So it still looks pretty glitched from where I’m sitting.

I know I already went through every level, because I had the “Complete Operation [A-F]” achievements. But I just ran through A-1 through E-5, and 117 popped as soon as E-5 was complete (and I didn’t even get a gold star score this time). Weird.