110 more days till new battle pass and predictions on new content

I really hate looking at that timer lol makes me feel like ill be ancient by the time it comes around.

So anyone got a prediction on what content is coming out when primarily co op campaign, forge and cross core.

Would be nice to have a roadmap.

I assume we’ll get a couple new maps, modes & a battle pass, maybe the DMR because of those recent leaks

just expect the bare-minimum because at this point disappointment is the only thing that is confirmed.


I don’t do hype any more… Often leads to over expectations even if you do get a decent amount of content out of it.

Ya no high expectations just expecting very little

No hype just curious

New content in this game means:
New items to sell you.
Old content to drip feed.

Thats Halo Infinite’s 10 year plan.
Slowly creep the game to where it should’ve been while charging for what used to be standard unlockable customization.

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