$1035 to unlock all cosmetics in first season

People forget that they are still charging full price for the campaign


It’s exorbitant and a manipulation of players who want to unlock everything in the game. I have never been as angry at 343 and Microsoft as I am now. Fix the system. Let us earn credits in-game or tie special challenges to these store unlocks. At the very least, link them to the campaign in some way so the people who payed $60 for it don’t have to spend more on this free multiplayer.

Over the years, I have been very lenient and even supportive of 343, but in the words of their namesake: “Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.”

Both Reddit and Waypoint are extremely upset about the monetization. Fix it.

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oh no!!! halo infinite is like every other free to play game ever!

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99% of these people never played a f2p or gacha before and it shows. Infinite is not your average Halo. It’s planned to be the biggest Halo, and possibly the last Halo, importing everything from maps to armor cores from all the previous titles. Obviously this game will be expensive to make, and nobody should expect them to spend millions of dollars making and supporting Halo Infinite with zero intention to make any profit whatsoever. 10 years worth of content will be made and sold, and not a single person is expected to buy all the thousands of items released.

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Alternative paid cosmetics arent the problem. the problem is that every unlock is paywalled and we have no free armors on low tiers to unlock at all by just playing, when other games did. On the same day ofrelease H3/reach/4/5 everyone had at least a different helmet and colors to differentiate you from the rest. We cant have this on infinite unless you grind 100 hours per week or pay for what you want.

If this game had released with at least 5 default armor sets for begginners this mess would have been different. Alternatives are way too expensive and everything is paywalled.

And before anyone comes and keeps dropping the idiotic “bruh kids want everything free these days, instead of working for them” , let me break it to you… I worked hard and dedicated time to unlock stuff from H3 to H5, and the time needed was never as close as how stupidly grindy the time needed is for this damn game.

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Here’s where I’ll make a fair rebuttal. Everything should not be free, nor should all the Battle Passes be free, however, if you pay for the Campaign, like paying for other Halo games, all the Mark VII armor core armors for the current generation of Spartans should be unlockable by playing the campaign and earning achievements like older Halo games. Everything else should be expected as and treated as optional DLC. If you choose to not pay for the Campaign, you should be expecting to be able to play a free to play game for free, but not own everything for free. The campaign should absolutely be able to unlock armors and other cosmetics for the Mark VII core. Anything else is extra.


Stop using the fact that entry to the game is ‘free’ as an excuse for crappy business consumer practices.


That’s part of the problem, Nobody wanted a F2P Halo. It’s generally held in higher regard than that trash trend.


Halo Infinite could have easily done the Destiny 2 route, and had a paid game, with everything unlockable for that base game, and paid expansion passes with a cosmetics dlc shop, that became a free to play base game, still having a paid campaign with paid expansion passes and a cosmetic dlc shop, and people would probably still complain they can’t have all the expansion passes and dlc for free

Theres a difference between “free content” unlocked from progression and “you want a helmet? play 500 hours or pay $20 :grin:” Sadly, halo infinite is the later. I can guarantee you that everyone is pissed that they paywalled everything from customization when it was “free” in previous games. Like color selections. Not even halo 5 dared. Theres no excuse,

There are free games out there that give skins and more stuff for free along with a healthy paid system without turning this into a second job. Infinites system is beyond bad and their only excuse is money.


Well it’s a shame to see it, but Halo Infinite is Destiny 3, and the majority of the mechanics and features are just straight out of Destiny. Anyone that played Destiny would also agree. You would think it was made by BungieVision themselves

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Stop acting like you’re being forced in any way to spend money on the game. The majority of the complaints on this subject are literally “there isn’t enough free stuff in my free game”.

There are many things about this games approach to FTP that need QOL tuning to be successful, but I will continue to call out entitled BS every time I see it. It isn’t about making excuses, its about keeping perspective. The constant assertion that people are being ripped off by an entirely free game because cosmetics cost money is utter nonsense, and it’s consistently being coupled with inaccurate comparisons to other games as well as inaccurate claims about what previous Halo’a did or didn’t do, all to feed the frenzy.

Level your criticisms, there’s plenty to go around, but be honest about what you’re criticism and check the entitlement at the door.

Weird how we don’t have the ability to choose specific game modes but the monetization systems are fully fleshed out. F2P has never been pro consumer and makes much more money then full priced games nowadays. They divide content behind paywalls and leave features out of the game to be put in later on in the games life cycle. People have a right to complain about the monetization systems just like people also have a right to be ok with it. No ones entitled. We just wish for the best halo game possible. And this game is so close to being that

I think a lot of people who use the “it’s a free game” argument don’t truly understand the problem that the Halo community has with the monetization. Of course things are going to be monetized, but as much as we don’t like that, a lot of us agree that the benefits of the multiplayer being free outweigh the costs of having monetized cosmetics.

The issue is how aggressive everything is. Most of us are already paying $60 for the campaign, and back in the day, you’d also get full access to Spartan (and Elite) customization just by playing the game and performing well. Now, we have so many armors that are locked behind paywalls and limited-time pieces of equipment that introduce FOMO to the game. We already lost co-op campaign and Forge, and now they restricted our customization, hoping that will incentivize us to open our wallets.

This is scummy at its core, and apparently a lot of 343 employees don’t like it either. The rest of the game, based off of what we’ve played, is breathtaking. If you fix the customization and the progression to cater to your core Halo audience, you will earn our respect and have a legendary Halo title on par with the original trilogy. If anybody from 343 happens to see this, you can do this. We want you to succeed.