-101 Error July Flight Stuck at Sign in Screen

So after finally getting the July Infinite Flight to download and load up, I was so excited to get going that the first two tries logging in via the xbox sign in I had my capslock on which then gave me a blank box with large bold “-101”.

Steps I’ve tried doing to fix the issue… Uninstall and reinstall the flight, delete the dump files, and restart computer… I’m at a loss.

Would have loved to play, but this flight for me is broken at the very beginning. I at least get to hear some good new halo music humming in my speakers…

Below is the error I’m seeing.

Ok so the fix for this issue was to delete the contents of the windows %temp% folder. I was able to sign in afterward.

Just had the same issue in the second flight and this was the fix. Saw some other threads recommending to clear the steam download cache or close all xbox and steam related processes in the task manager. None of those worked, but this did. Thanks!