$1000.00 Plus and can't play my favorite game :,<

I only ever go all in for one game, Halo. I buy anything and everything I can and I consider myself an avid collector of anything to do with Halo. I was so excited for this game, it honestly looked so much better than the previous titles (except 2 of course) and I could not wait to play it. All the videos I watched leading up to release, reminding me of what it felt to play through the campaign for the first time all over again, anyways, I spent a big Ol’ fat G on this game in total by time i was done. I waited to buy an xbone for the Halo 5 release because I assumed there would be some kind of sweet deal for a system + game combo and I wasn’t disappointed. In total, I bought the $500 system, the MC controller, the $250 collectors box, the $100 legendary edition and a standard. I picked up live, a REQ pack and some merch Gamestop was selling for the title. I played the campaign and wasn’t disappointed, then launched multiplayer and had two perfect games. Since those two games, I have played a few dozen and I’m afraid to play online again. IF I don’t get booted, and that’s a big if, I just watch people run into walls and rubber band all over the place. I would say I get booted from 5 out of every 6 games I play and the 6th one is a nightmare. I have been reading for 2 hours straight about everyones issues with TWC, and ARRIS routers and blah blah blah. Why do I not have a single issue with any other game I play on any other system? My pc games work fine, my PS4 games work fine, phone, tablet, not a single issue, but the one game I actually give a crap about and I cannot log a single game without interruption.
I make a pretty average income for where I live and had to save quite a bit to be able to give in to my Halo addiction and all I want to do is play my favorite game. I understand technology isn’t perfect and it can be a challenge to keep up with every single variable, but some information during the process would be nice. I have only seen a few small posts about this from 343 and would like to know what’s happening while it’s happening, just so I don’t feel so left in the dark about the issue. I have tried some of the things people have suggested with no success and I am not going to keep trying them. My internet is fine, my router is fine and besides the obvious issues we all have with them, TWC is fine.
Please inform us on how you’re fixing this, even if it’s only a few of us, we still gave you our money, some of us more then others.
I bought both your strategy guides. I’m not f***ing around. I give you many dollars in a row for a very long time now.
-Sadster Chief

This! I have the exact same issue, albeit I haven’t invested as much as you have I would still really enjoy playing this game. I have TWC but I do not have an ARRIS modem. My network is perfectly fine and I have no issue with ANY other game, whether that be on Xbox or PC. I recently set my DNS server to googles (as suggested by a 343 rep in another forum) and I thought the nightmare was over for 2 games. But now the game disconnects me the moment it starts up.

Now listen I know we’re going to try and be cordial because it’s technology and some things can’t be expected… save for the fact that I was in the Beta and somehow this issue was nowhere to be seen. But irregardless my point is this, 343 after the disaster that was The MCC stability issues you cannot afford even an hour of not letting us know what the current status is. We don’t even have an official confirmation that this is indeed an issue you are aware of. So take it from one REALLY frustrated fan. Let us know ASAP.

Bump same connectivity and lag issues when people use the mic.

I have heard the mic issues. I just want to know it’s being fixed.