100% Onyx MAX

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155 DAYS on Reach and all I got was this lousy helmet. Yes, I maxed every commendation. Yes, I’m a no life. NO, I did NOT boost matchmaking. It was done almost entirely in Multi-Team, just over 100,000 kills worth. Even vehicle commendations are easy in Multi-Team. Check my fileshare if you don’t believe me. I’ve gotten Unfrigs in Rocket Hog Race, not to mention 27,000 wheelmans. Yeah, I’m a bad kid. At least I actually worked on my commendations instead of just farming kills for K/D purposes with sniper/shotty every game.

The worst thing was Grounded, of course. Only because some idiots didn’t think we needed dropships every wave in firefight. The original firefight playlist had 30 minute Sniper/Rocket Fights with dropships every wave. No, some babies whined 30 minutes was too long, so they took the dropships out of everything. People can play the same Horde match on Gears for 4 hours but we can’t have 30 minute sniper/rocket fights on Halo? OK THEN. Whoever refuses to update firefight properly should be -Yoink- raped by a cactus. Grounded wouldn’t be nearly as bad if we had access to the same or similar gametypes as before. Hell, do Sniper + Rockets for all loadouts and call it Snockets. The ideal approach would be to use dropships every wave BUT only on maps they actually bring vehicles (meaning no dropships on Courtyard, Waterfront, Holdout, or Installation 04).

For what it’s worth, campaign was mostly onyxed legit, and mostly boosted to max. Obviously, support role was completely boosted.

p.s. No, the 1st Inheritor did NOT do this legit. Actually, I think both the first ones have maxed stuff but one actually got reset for it. I don’t understand how the other one didn’t, considering his is obviously modded. ~3500 assassination medals, but his Rear Admiral is over 10,000? Yeah, Ok. You can lose medals in campaign from checkpoint resetting too fast, but you don’t randomly lose 1000s in matchmaking.

How did you get the Automatics and Pistol Commendations in multi-team with the TU update?

> How did you get the Automatics and Pistol Commendations in multi-team with the TU update?

Had automatics and most of Sidearm done before the TU.

Awesome man nice job

DAMN that’s all

> How did you get the Automatics and Pistol Commendations in multi-team with the TU update?

You do realize TU stands for Title Update? That means you’re saying Title Update Update. Just saying.

OT: That’s impressive. You even got max on Downshift and Mobile Asset. That’s really hard to do. Rear Admiral isn’t easy either. It’s a lot of assassinations.

If you have no life for doing this, does that mean I have no life for being impressed?