100% Armor or... Wait it out.

I’ve been lobbying over whether or not to just keep saving up cR in hopes new stuff comes out or just get 100% Armor Completion here shortly.

I currently have over 4 million cR and my current completion is at 22%.

With still no word on new stuff arriving, it seems most of the community as well as myself have pretty much lost faith that new stuff will be added shortly. With no word on a Title Update (the only thing that will bring me back to matchmaking), it just seems rather useless that I have all these credits.

You only need 9,980,000 cR to get 100%. What is the point in even still playing this game after you have hit Inheritor? There is currently no incentive to even keep the game and keep playing and saving up cR when you know there is nothing new on the way. I just hope IF new stuff gets added it’s not an absurd amount to purchase something ; i.e. 10,000,000 cR for a new effect or a piece of armor.

Seems a lot of people are losing hope. I just hope 343i can put out a TU shortly and adds new stuff before the population takes a hard hit.

Its along road till Inheritor even after you get it the idea is to play for the love of the game. If your so bored then help other people around the community. The games only boring if you make it. Armor is fun towards achieving but if you bought the game just to get achievements I’m afraid your missing out on the real fun.

The cake is a lie.

You should play this game for fun, not to rank up.

I agree with what defiency and guywiired said. If you’re just playing for the armor then you’re definitely missing out.

Ever since Reach came out it seems people have “no incentive” to play other than to get armor. All I can do is shake my head.

Wait for it , wait for it, wait for it. Map pack YAY!!! New swag.

Well you say Inheritos like its easy to get…haha. It takes a very long time to reach inheritor if you do stuff other than Halo. Also you cannot complete your armory untill you get to rank Mythic. My incentive to play is not rank or armour its having a great time with my friends. Halo Reach does not need a TU in my opinion.

Its up to you whether you buy it, but it would be really stupid to quit playing if there is no more stuff to buy… Play the game for fun, not a virtual rank that doens’t mean anything. Ranking up is fun, but once your at the top, if you like the game, why stop?

> The cake is a lie.
> You should play this game for fun, not to rank up.

I agree with Guywiired

Play for fun.

I’m trying to get to 7777777 credits.
I’m like 4401191 in.

I couldn’t decide what to buy so I figured I would just wait to get a bunch of credits and spend it all at the same time.
I’m trying to get to inheritor too and I’m almost 30% in. But I’ll still play lots of stuff on Reach when I get to inheritor.

> You should play this game for fun, not to rank up.

Some would say the two are connected…

When I finally got online I lost a bunch of CRs and armor. I was upset about that for a bit and played and played to get those CRs back. I never have very many CRs saved up because as soon as I can I buy something. I’ve been looking forward that 100% completion.

Then I started checking out Bungie.net, overly concerned with my K/D, because in a lot of ways that seems to be a symbol of status for the community. And of course I just want to get better at the game. Then I played in the Waypoint playdate yesterday. The different gametypes and Forge maps this community creates is staggering, and I don’t see how it can ever get boring.

It is a little daunting for me to try and tackle so much and get to the level of some of you guys, but I love it anyway. This is a great game and should be played primarily for fun, secondly to improve in general.

Oh yeah, the times I don win it feels so good! Especially if it’s against some snotty kid who can’t shut up.