10 Years of Infinite

LIke it, leave it, don’t like it.
Halo Infinite was supposed to be part of a 10 year plan.
But here’s a fact for you.

Season 1
Season 2,
Both being 6 months now. Means at the end of season 2.
We will have 9 years of Infinite left.

Just let that sink in for a minute.
Then reconsider buying the season 2 battle pass next month.


I can’t really disagree. When they said it was a live service game that would last 10 years with Multiplayer and campaign DLC’s I was hopping that this game by the end of 10 years would have as much or more raw content as MCC has today. Outside of maybe armors I think that this game will never get close. I sound like a defeatists rn but I wouldn’t be shocked if it takes 2-4 years for just getting infinite up to what we were advertised and expected day 1.

Rule of thumb is to expect half of what 343 says and expect it to take twice as long.


I’d say “HALF” is quite optomistic. . . Halo should have launched with (at least) full campaign with co-op, forge, therter, custom games, and a considerable amount of what other Halos had. But it didn’t and that should have been a HUGE wake up call for the fans…

We waited over 6 years for Infinite and it dropped with less than 15% of what Halo should entail. . .

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I knew something was off when there was no dedicated slayer playlist at launch because “slayer negatively impacts the health of other playlists,” and they had to “run extensive tests to see what releasing slayer would do to other playlists.”

The logic in that decision alone told me this was going to be a long, long ride.

Now, we are being fed the excuse of “impacting employee health and burnout.” Your fan base and player count is burning out. You know….the ones that line the pockets of those employees that you hold so dear. I don’t buy that excuse at all. It’s just a way to try to score pity-points with the community.

It’s excuse after excuse with no solution other than hurry up and wait.

Release. Finished. Products. Or. Delay. Your. Game.

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