10 years of Halo playlist.

Well, to celebrate Halo’s 10th anniversary, I thought it would be cool to dress up all our spartans in the standard MJOLNIR MK. V armor, and play in the Team Classics playlist from October 30th (the day that the first Halo novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach, was released) to November 15th (just in time for Halo: CEA and the day the original came out only 10 years ago). Here what you need:

Shoulders (both): MJOLNIR MK. V
Armor Color (first and secondary): Olive
Emblem (symbol) Seven Columns (take red part out)
Emblem (background): Blank
Visor Color: Gold
Everything else: default

Here is mine for an example:


I also thought that we could change our service numbers/ call signs from what we have to “HALO”, like mine is “S021”; I change it to “HALO” just to name an example.

So, what do you guys think? Will you join me in celebrating the 10th birthday of the greatest Xbox game that expanded an entire universe? If you have questions or sugestions, go right ahead.

Love this idea. I’m in.

kind of a cool idea; also link fixed:

> Love this idea. I’m in.

Thats two us, and as the Arbiter would say in Halo 3, “Good to have ya abroad!” LOL XD

But I also forgot to mention why MJOLNIR MK. V, the standard version that Master Chief wears. Well, thats the armor he started off wearing in the series and everyone remembers it, so it would make sense to do this for the 10th anniversary. Also, as an added bonus, on the day Halo: CEA comes out, we could change the colors of our spartans from Olive to whatever color your spartan was in Halo: CE, like mine was white, just to name an example.

I’m in. I haven’t played the Classic Playlist since it came out. It would be good to take a break from default Reach settings once again. :slight_smile:

> kind of a cool idea; also link fixed:
> http://www.halopedian.com/images/b/ba/VanityMkV.png

> Sorry, I changed my spartan’s armor had to change the link. The color is not exact, but you guys get the idea. I thought that link would save my spartan’s armor then and would not change, but it did, and for that, I apologize. I will change the armor back on October 30th of course, but is there a way for me to save that picture of my spartan in MJOLNER MK. V without changing?

Sure, I’m in.

Yeah sure I’m in. On an off note though, I’ll probably not go with default knee guards (I hate the default knee guards lol). I’ll probably go with FJ/Para or Grenadier (I think Grenadier looks more like Halo CE’s knee guards.)

I prefer to use Tactical LRP for the chest piece, so that way the chief has his pockets again!

Well, I just wanted to remind you all that this will be happening in one day, but there are some changes:

  • Instead of the Team Classic playlist, since it got taken out of Matchmaking, we will be playing in the TU Beta playlist.

  • From the Anniversary BTS Campaign video, we now know that the knee pads are the FJ/Para, so you can were that.

Other than that, everything is the same, but the video showed that the armor color looked like Sage more than Olive, but Olive looks more like than Sage. I hope to see you guys in Matchmaking that day. :slight_smile:

Like the idea, not sure if everyone has the required armor, but I’d be willing to set up a group filled with people in this armor!

Sure, cheezztofer, that would be great! :smiley: