10 year M+KB player uses controller, and wow

edit: to put this thread to rest it’s been discovered that aim assist is stronger on PC than console when you plug in a controller. 343i hasn’t commented on addressing it.

its… really strong. the aim assist genuinely does most of the work for me while I divert more attention to my strafe, and my tracking improved exponentially. after a couple hours I got good enough at micro-adjusting to land consistent BR perfects. I always thought it was absolutely nuts how people were pulling off 1-shots with the shock rifle, which is near impossible on a mouse-- turns out its not nearly as difficult w/ magnetism.

I’m not gonna say nerf aim assist cus I’m in no position talk about how controllers should be balanced, and I’m not going to argue which input is easier (pulling off ninjas with a controller is something I’ll never be able to do) but its clear that these wildy different inputs have their own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

for the sake of fair competition, the option to disable crossplay is absolutely needed.


I have played Infinite entirely on M&K so far. Considering I spent so much time on Halo 5 using a controller, M&K feels pretty good. But I keep seeing posts about the aim assist strength… I might have to plug in a controller to see what all the hype is about lol.


Do so. I played last night for the first time with controller and I felt like I could actually aim with sidekick and BR.


I poop on controller players idk what the fuss is about.


PC players constantly 1-shot me with the shock rifle from across the map. Any decent M/K player will destroy console players. I think the skill-gap must be huge on PC, because everyone saying the controller can aim better must be awful with a mouse. But, I agree that disabling crossplay is a must - for the opposite reason.


Yeah you’d be correct. There’s two types of PC players. People who casually play and switch between dozens of games and the tryhard sweats that do aim training and competitively play everything.

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That’s always the case and why PC players are frustrated.

People who are that good to do what you described are talented enough to pull it off. The skill gap on PC shooters is that massive. Trust me I have endless hours in the game overwatch PC since it came out.

There is barely any skill gap in the tracking aim of an average controller user and below average. On Mouse and keyboard its not the case there is a noticeable difference in hitting shots.

And that’s where the issue compounds. The lower the ranks in mouse aiming skill, the more an average controller user has the advantage


reddit com/r/halo/comments/r3es60/accuracy_stats_for_kbm_vs_controller

Ya its pretty staggering.

Aim assist is necessary for controllers to be playable on a FPS game, but its way too strong in this game. Crouching and strafing to make people miss does absolutely nothing to a controller user who lasers everyone because the aim assist practically aims for you.


I wish I could say the same but I can’t even test M+KB as Infinite just crashes repeatedly on my computer and I’m not moving all my peripherals to my Xbox to test.

you also can’t counter strafe in 1 on 1 engagements versus controller players as the game aims for them. it’s pretty bad but I still manage to steamroll. we have alot more advantages than controller players do.

Aim-Skills do not transfer that fast when changing games, it will take a few weeks to have the same level as before which will be 45% -50% accuracy on KB / Mouse. Not even the “Top” have gotten used to it yet.

The aim-assist 50% is a “placebo” it is not your real skills it is the aim-assist at least giving you 25% extra accuracy, without the AA the control players would have 20% -25% accuracy on average.

If you feel “comfortable” with a 50% illusion with AA instead of improving your mechanicals and reaching 45% with kb / mouse in a few weeks and having better strafes, better control over the character. trains both inputs. Remember the “AA is a placebo they are not your true skills”

Yes please have an option to disable cross-play in every game mode. Ranked, not ranked, everything. It will divide your player base somewhat but its better then losing them cause these inputs are clearly not balanced.


I’m going from using a controler in every FPS game since original xbox to trying mouse and keyboard with this game. Somthing about the way the controller handles in infinite I just suck at aiming. Previous halos I was doing just fine. Tho now I’m trying the mouse and cant aim at all. Go into a shoot out with someone else and my forearm tenses up. heh. May just go back to controler and fiddle with sensitivity some more but it just feel off in this game.

There’s something off with the acceleration curves and the overall mechanic. I’m not opposed to the lower aim assist, the inconsistent thumbstick mechanics is what is making the game irritating to play.


This is the only solution really.

You can’t just walk in and start demanding a game be balanced for a complete different input. Controller players have enjoyed this game for +20 years. Now all of a sudden, their skill comes into question because y’all can’t pick up a controller and play the game the way it was played from the very beginning?

No, it’s not about to go down like that. That’s like asking counter-strike devs to add more bloom to the weapons so controller players won’t get sniped from 7 miles away. Who does that? Who am I to go into a game and demand changes like that? CS has been a pc game since 1999. I accepted that and grabbed a mouse and have been shredding in source ever since.


Doubt it. Hop into ranked crossplay and see how good you do. Oh and to add insult to injury run a 4 man all mouse and see if you kick -Yoink!- in the diamond and onyx range

I’m a 15 year veteran of playing Halo on controller, I find the aiming on controller in Infinite to be worse than any past Halo game. Was just playing some Halo 3 on MCC and the aiming is so smooth, but in Infinite the slightest little tap can sometimes throw your aim way off, especially with Commando.


Aim assist on console is dog -Yoink!- so I wonder if aim assist on pc is alot stronger than console. I have footage of it that I got myself


This mite be why PC players and Xbox players are giting different results for the controllers Aim assist.

Different games offer different skills gaps.

While it’s true that in most cases M/KB trumps controller, it’s a fallacy to think this is always the case. Overwatch’s aim assist is nothing like Halo’s, so much so that there was never any inclination to bring Crossplay into competitive game modes. Comparing these games as 1:1 equals is at best a jump to conclusions, at worst a misunderstanding of the the way they work.

MCC objectively challenges this notion for one example, with the aim assist being a direct unchanged port of the original aim assist settings of each respective title. This objectively means that Console players are at no disadvantage when going up against M/KB users, and this is reflected in game statistics with controller players keeping pace with M/KB users of not lapping them entirely.

Knowing that, and understanding Halo’s legacy as a console shooter, it’s not out of the question there’s going to be at most some favoritism or lean towards controller play as it’s difficult to directly nerf M/KB. The logical counter is simply to tune Controller in a way that at best paces well with M/KB or at worst laps it.