10 mins into this update video and 343 is already massively contradicting themselves

Edit: I just want to preface this by saying that they addressed a lot of the things we’ve been unhappy with, and i do appreciate that because it is proof that theyre paying attention. Be that as it may, i still hold all of this with cautious optimism considering 343’s track record… But i did still appreciate this update.

Sorry Sean, the script you were given is riddled with inconsistencies, and that speaks to the amount of sincerity 343 projects when they put out statements like this.

343 can’t seem to reconcile the fact that a first person shooter doesnt have to be a constant sweat fest. And they pretend like they’re aware of this. Sean Baron had this to say in reference to some of the wackier cosmetics:

“ We need to be able to support… other personal preferences, other identities that people want to show… because it should be a community, it’s a social place, right?”

But literally 2 minutes prior to saying this, he dropped this tiring sentiment.

“We are a VERY competitive game. That’s who we are. Thats our DNA.”

Extremely contradictory. It’s also worth mentioning that the original creators of Halo wanted this game to be a “party game with shooter mechanics.” Verbatim. It is not in their DNA, unless they started playing around with eugenics.
So then which is it? Is Halo a competitive game or is it meant to be a social game with competitive aspects? When you take it in context, 343 doesnt much care about social aspects at all (In fact, the only social aspect that was really touched upon was in reference to paid cosmetics). Especially when you consider that one of the next things Sean says is this:

“How do you take [A LOT of playlists] and combine it with all of the challenges that exist with Skill Based Matchmaking” (Emphasis Sean’s)

Like does anyone see the disconnect here? They’re so rooted in this idea of having such a strict SBMM in place that they cant even wrap their heads around the idea that social playlists dont need to be skill based.

Needed to get this out there cuz it was really getting under my skin. Also I dont want to just trounce on Sean Baron for saying all of this. I’m sure it was some Board approved script he was given that needed to have specific buzz words and talking point.

All that being said, i am excited to see all the changes coming in the next few months. I’m a little salty that season 3 isnt going to be until March, but i feel like the winter update is a good interim idea to get their “seasonality” on track. It is massively unfortunate that its taken this long to get to that point tho… sigh… so many mixed feelings


They seem to forget that the HCS/Pro/competitive scene makes up a very small minority


Lol they seem to forget that all that sweaty competition can be self-contained in the Ranked playlists


Thanks for watching and reporting.
I dont have the stomach anymore.


I feel like starting with Halo 5, 343 put a huge amount of focus on HCS and “e-sports” as the way forward because that just seemed to be the thing lots of other devs were doing in their game series. But the heart of the Halo experience has been the social aspect and playing with your friends in a laidback setting. Dropping split-screen is a sign that they still haven’t figured out this is a mistake.


Ridiculous indeed. What’s an even bigger contradiction is how despite the team being focused on it being a competitive first game, they fail to realize that their pvp is broken and the skill ceiling is the lowest in the series. Competitive? LOL. Just a joke. All of it.


It wasnt bad overall. One of the things they said was they were going to stop promising and start delivering, which i think was extremely wise of them to acknowledge and share. But i dont blame you. After they shadow delayed coop, i was pretty pissed


I think they’re using “social experience” and “player expression” interchangeably, and I agree those are two different things with two separate issues.


the truth is, everyone is and wants to be competitive but the word competitive shouldn’t be used any more as it seems to have a bad connotation attached to it.

Thats because whenever 343 says the word “competitive” they only have HCS in the back of their minds with the dollar signs that come along with it


yeah once they release Forge I hope they take note how many people are playing Custom Games with the boys. I really want some of this SBMM stuff away from social playlists and thankfully Custom Games wont have that at least

i agree. i prefer halo much more with radar but that doesnt mean its less competitive. it makes different parts easier and other parts harder.

no radar is great for communication skills but the fact is no one communicates in matchmaking and no one wants to so just give me a ranked mode with radar please and some decent weapons.

As I said in another topic, the competitive scene became a huge part of Halo since the original. Bungie working with the competitive scene since Halo 2 and 3 though. While not the main focus, it still was a big deal for them. You probably just weren’t focusing on that part of the game to notice it is all.

The fact that “Ranked” has existed since Halo 2 is a clear sign that interest in competitive is a thing.

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In halo 3, I didnt know esports was a thing. i was a noob to fps’s but I sweated my -Yoink!- off to win matches. people dont have a problem with competitiveness. there are 2 important things that players care about,

  1. the skill required to compete(this is why we have different playlists)
  2. game design that stops 1 team dominating just becaause they had a good start or matchmaking not working.

halo 3 had 3 playlists, social, ranked and hardcore ranked. halo 3’s game design was balanced on most of its maps so everyone had a good time competitively. social was 5v5 but it worked because people woulld only sweat in ranked. In infinite, everyone is treating social like ranked because they avoid playing hcs settings.

i only play ranked arena because it feels more chilled than sidekick starts. the sidekick is not a good starting weapon. it burns you out quick. i could use the ar but then i gett annoyed when a sidekick user melts me. For the llesser skilled players they probably never see the sweatlords with sidekicks.

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Yea see thats where this defense falls apart. 343’s main focus is on competition.


I’m sure it is :+1:

it does, but its literally the only thing people actually freaking watch in this game. I was playing with people in BTB that knew tourney results and whatnot… I think its a type of free advertising that is underrated in terms of its impact.

Because it’s the only thing they reward with Twitch drops. I’m willing to bet viewership would plummet if there wasn’t an incentive for the average player to watch. They could easily do community play dates or other streams with drops too.

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You caught what I was thinking when watching it.