10 Controller Sensitivity Too Slow

I’ve been tweaking the sensitivity settings for a while now, and I’ve had no luck getting it to feel as fast as it should. It even feels slower than it did during the flight. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I’ve already maxed acceleration, maxed input thresholds, minimized deadzones, tried tweaking FOV, and tried different controllers… Anyone have any other ideas? Is this intended or maybe a bug?


It’s garbage dude. Why tf did they think this was okay or even remotely acceptable to launch the game without proper sensitivity settings? The controller look sensitivity needs to be doubled and tripled on top of that. There’ isn’t a chance in hell I’m going to sacrifice my usual sensitivity just to play Halo only. HELL no. Canceled my campaign pre-order. Plenty of other stuff to play and buy. Just another disappointing Halo game, nothing new

I wouldn’t go that far… But it is very frustrating for anyone used to playing with high sensitivity on a controller. They really need to adjust or add more sensitivity values. It just doesn’t make sense why it is so drastically reduced from the flights…

I think it’s a bug because mine feels fine, I play at 7.5 for both axis and it feels pretty similar to MCC 7.5 both on PC and Series X.

Yeah, I’m starting to lean towards it being a bug. Out of curiosity, I pulled up H3 to compare time to spin a full 360… It takes nearly twice as long to do so in Infinite… I wonder if they broke it with their anticheat solution?

Maybe. You running any background programs that might interfere (reWASD for example)?

Hmm, actually maybe not anticheat, since it happens on both PC and Series X… Unless they have their anticheat active on console as well. Also, nothing in the background running.

Yall are playing with sensitivities that fast!? I’m playing on 1 right now :rofl:


You have the problem on both Series X and PC…hmm. Type of controller? Xbox One (V1), Series X (v2), Elite jay/nay? Wired or wireless?

Also I would assume some form of anti-cheat is running on console, but it’s obviously not the same stuff since you don’t have the “no more red reticle” on console.

Try lowering your inner dead zones to minimum and increasing max input threshhold to max.

Ive maxed it out, and it still feels slow. at this rate they are gonna need twenty for max sensitivity lol.

Wouldn’t you need to decrease the max input threshold?

Increasing max input threshold seems to make your aim accelerate more quickly.

Yea you are right, I reread the description and a larger value means the stick is closer to centre for a max input to be registered

The turn rate in Halo Infinite is much slower than the previous Halos.

There’s a reddit post by EternalDahaka that explains it.

Yeah, I’ve tried a Series X, Elite 1, and the Halo Infinite Elite… All have the same issue… So not the controller

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Just looked at that, and their analysis was from the flights. It’s even slower now in the beta… I’d be curious to see the numbers on it now, because I didn’t have this big of an issue during the flights.

Already had, still WAY too slow…

A regular teammate of mine who literally picked up Halo just this year and regularly crushes in every match gave me these suggestions to smooth out the controls and help with acceleration/directional changes when aiming and strafing. The aim assist is still super finicky so don’t expect it to completely fix the issue.

Increase your acceleration.
Increase your sensitivity.
Lower your deadzones.
Increase your max input threshold.

After doing this, my movement and aim felt more in line with how the game actually plays in terms of it’s movement speed and verticality.

Doesn’t this create a problem?

People up their sensitivity so that they can move their cross hairs faster… but then you need more aim assist to not overshoot the target - especially for headshots.

When they reduced the AA I assume they reduced then had to reduce the sensitivity to match.