1 Vs a large team - Tips on how to survive

This thread was inspired by a Reach match. Actually, not a match, matches. For some reason, I am always paired and placed in a team where no one wants to work as a team, yet our opponents use teamwork as a strategy to defeat us. Even though it’s good to work and rely on a friend, you should not be too dependant on others to always be at your aid. You should learn how to become a good fighter (in Reach) on your own.

In one match, I was chasing this sprinting Spartan, and he led me to three other members of his team. Now I wasn’t chasing him, he was chasing me. I sprinted away, knowing that I would not survive a minute against them. My shields and health started to go down. Before I died, I outran most of the team and found cover. I could not hide here though, but it gave me a chance to regenerate some part of my shields. I threw a sticky grenade at the floor to prevent them from coming, and when I heard them sprinting towards me, I threw a grenade at the floor, killing one, and bounced another frag off a wall to complete a double kill. The third enemy decided to charge towards me without help from the fourth and last teammate, and I was able to take him down with my Magnum. The fourth guy did not attempt to attack me, and I let him live.

So basically I started this thread as an attempt to help people (especially lone wolves) become better at Reach. In this topic, I will share some tips on how to survive. Hopefully, you guys would put some input too.

Tip #1: Choose your battles. (and weapons)
The more people you’re facing at once, the greater the chance of you losing (unless you have some buddies at your side). Know which weapon to use; for example, finishing people off when their shields are down with Assault Rifles. Don’t blast a Rocket Launcher at a single enemy when your teammates are too close to him/her. That runs the risk of angering your teammates, losing points, getting betrayed, and slightly reduces the chance of winning the match. Assault Rifles are usually are not the best weapon.
If an opponent is in a good position and is firing at you, I recommend finding some cover. I wouldn’t come out of that cover to take him down too early because most likely they are waiting for you, and will be faster at aiming at your head. Grenades are great weapons in Halo: Reach. They’re more destructive than supportive weapons. They can prevent enemies from charging towards you, and they can also be used for many other tasks too. Such as easily killing a Spartan in a camping spot.

I’ll post more of my tips here if the thread stays alive. I hope you guys share some tips as well. :slight_smile:

Had this a few times but I have learnt to hold my own ground, been forced to play 1 v 8 unwillingly.

Sticky grenades are your best friend because too many people loving trying to run you over, a good throw usually gives me a tribble kill.

Also avoid open area’s at all costs are your as good as dead. Blame the stupid DMR. If that was gone I’d probably turn the game around, hold my own.

Anyway another tip try not to get caught in doorways or you will get camped by wraith/revenant blasts that will be hard to avoid.

If all fails then head for the hills.lol But seriously making it hard for the enemy to find you means you can go all solid snake on them, take them out one at a time.

I rarely ever leave games so these annoying matches help me pick up a few tricks. It’s amazing how people usually say ‘adapt’ in these forums but I never see anyone adapting in-game.lol

Oh, I highly recommend wasting heavy weapons because if you don’t use them quickly then there’s a high chance they will use them to spam against you.

My tips:

  1. start, A, up, A
  2. use reyaweks’ dmr

Whenever I’m I’m all alone on my team, I usually just quit, as it not only wastes my time, but the opposition’s time as well, because they have to hunt me down and it just isn’t fun for anyone.

However, in the few times that I’ve stuck around, I’ve found that just crouching off of the spawn and walking around to get a position on my enemies has worked well. Also, trying to pull your enemies to you, rather than you going to them!