1 VS 5 ?

Hello to everybody,

Sorry beforehand for the faults but I am French and I have a little of evil with English.

Is there a means to make a skirmish only against several IA? It would be really top to be able to play 1 VS 5. Just to find a big challenge. ^^

Unfortunately you cannot play vs more than 3 opponants as the maps are not designed to do it . You can do a 1v3 though.

Certain maps possessing 6 locations, the game should allow us to play only against 5 opponents, but maybe that the graphic engine of the game is not rather powerful to manage 5 IA. At present on my version I cannot exceed 2 opponents.

1v3 is hard enough, I tried it and could never make any headway.

The game can handle 5 AI at once, you can host a 3v3 match with 2 AI buddies and 3 AI enemies. There is a menu where you can add more AI, and lets you change the team and leader of each one. Look around enough in the custom games menu, and you’ll find it.

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