1 quit = AN HOUR BAN!

I seriously quit ONE SOCIAL playlist and got banned for 53 minutes… Like wtf?!? Why??

Please use the perma thread at the top of the page for this.
In before lock.
Don’t quit = don’t get banned.

edit: you have 3 DNF in the first page (on mobile) alone.

(You’ve quit twice today)

Still, take this up with the official ban thread.

Damn, people beat me to the DNF-check.


edit: Dude, you’re a silver marine. You’ve been on here enough to know that we’re gonna check your game history.

Haha just another liar… smh… so hilarious how they all claim “one quit”… hahaha

Use the ban thread.

> 2533274875982754;6:
> Use the ban thread.

You 343’s meter maid?

can I just ask why people think its important to look through someones history all the way to 3 months back for example, and make an -Yoink- of themselves claiming they have the right to get banned? I mean sure I understand if its how many DNFs on that day, but do you really need to say “you quit 2 weeks ago, that’s a ban”.

Out of context I know but i’m just curious. I’m not hating

Yeah man, just don’t quit out, you’ll be good

Why does no one use the specially made ban thread anymore?

Also everyone can see your DNF history.

I’m losing count of the amount of clowns that come on here to moan about getting banned only to have their amount of DNF pointed out.

> 2533274904245048;10:
> Why does no one use the specially made ban thread anymore?
> Also everyone can see your DNF history.

Hey where can I see my DNF? Can’t seem to find mine.

oh look kids, there is a selfish quitter human that needs to look in the mirror before posting. This creature is common in halo region now that they are actually punished for quitting constantly. Remember kids, if you see one, scare them away, they are a pest in the halo region.

I hate whan the game kick me (For server issues) and I get banned =/

Did any of you check to see if the games he quit were match making or custom games? Because I saw most his DNFs being custom games… seriously guys, start checking that out before you start pointing fingers.

Please use this thread to discuss this topic, thanks.