1 flag and assault

1 flag ctf has been a staple of halo matchmaking since it’s inception in halo 2 and it needs to be brought back, preferably in the current CTF plalist. Just give players the option to choose 1 flag or 2 flag before or after choosing the map.
Also assault has essentially been a gametype since halo CE when it was CTF assault and you had to take your flag into the enemy base, that has also been an objective staple since 2004 and needs to be brought back, again with 1 or 2 bomb options.


I loved one flag from Halo 2 on, severe disappointment it did not make the cut for H4 at launch.

Yeah boys, agreed. There is a small number of us trying feverishly to get the word out about the all-out lack of Assault AS WELL AS ANY 8v8 Non-Slayer gametypes. We are simply outnumbered by little kids. A 343i spokesperson said future TU’s for matchmaking gametypes will be based on demand. You know what that means. Mouth-breathing snot faced OCD kids playing by themselves causing more and more focus on Slayer variant types.

This is indeed and pretty heavy steel-toed kick to the junk for us long term fans.

We are all just sitting here, jaws on the floor…

Help spread the word, keep posting.