hey there…

(after the 103/109mb update yesterday)

  • just played a game we won 50-19 and i got -8 oints in the ranking system and the beta showed me the results of the game before what i lost & counted them again.
  • switched to my pistol on eden 24 rounds but the pistol was empty and couldnt be reloaded even after switchin the weapons again and again

and to 2 you all out there if u experience bugs of any kind why not post them here ( i mean no reports for what 343 should change in terms of gameplay etc, there are toooo many out there already)

greetz JTM2k

PS: pls dont bulls*** around, just stay on topic!

they dont show respawn countdaown timers
while searching for a game I frequantly experiance timeouts even if I just started searching
after seaching for a while the game enters a state where you cant back out of the saerch but you cant find the last player
me and my friends cant figure out why there is laod screen to go from saerching to the main menue(think of reach(they had no load screens untill you had to laod the map))
Spartan charge does not work as it should it is unreliable at best… if I spartan charge a player from behind it does little to no damage and stuns me for enough time for the other player to gain an advantage. Please fix and balance
ground pound does not do any damage if you land on a players head(I landed perfectly ontop of two players heads but because I was above them(on there heads)It did no damage).
Isse with shots not registering with the BR DMR and in one instance the SWORD (I was playing on a wired 90mbps connection with low latency) it took 4 head shots to some one with no sheilds to kill them. That os all for now.ps you need to xhange the message of the day on the beta to inform players of the current bugs being investigated so players are not double listing bugs and so they know what will be fixed