1 billion reasons for the drop in game quality

Warning! This is another anti CoD thread but hopefully it presents a new or seldom aspect of CoDs effect on the industry as a whole. I have come to the conclusion that because CoD grossed 1 billion dollars in sales in its first 16 days of availability that the industry has gotten greedy and lazy. The problem with this goes to the often asked question, “Are CoD players legit gamers?” There really is no simple answer to that but I would say that the CoD market is not one you should tailor games to. Our problem as more diverse hardcore gamers is the lure of money. Every publisher/developer and their mothers are now asking themselves “How do we attract more of that market to our game?”. Tragically when this thought process is applied to a game the results are fatal because they come two fold. First is obviously quality; in that games are being simplified and becomingly more linear. Second is that it seems to be working as far as sales are concerned, which is very bad news.

I firmly believe that BioWare’s recent epic failures in the projects of Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 are perfect examples of this hypothesis. If you look at the evolution of the Mass Effect series you will see the CoD effect. Mass Effect 1 purpose as a game was to give the player an open and immerse sci fi experience. Your the commander of your ship and whatever you do is your call. Then based on that premise they did a fabulous job of creating worlds to explore and even better job of immersing yourself in that world by allowing you to, in essences, script your own story. ME2 cleaned up the game mechanics and made combat run smoother. Though 2 did simplify things such as planet exploration (Mainly referring to taking away of free roam of planets with the Mako) I believe those decisions were made with good intentions to make planet exploration and other quest less of a choir. Then 3 just said, -Yoink- all that we’ve done in the past two games I want more sales. They got rid of multiple hub worlds and to solidify this argument I’ll just say “Action Mode” to me that said “Hey CoD gamer who doesn’t like to think or immerse you can still play this game because we will make the decisions for you. We even got rid of exploration so your not turned off by it.”

For the sake of not making this an essay I’ll leave it at this

I’m interested in hearing back from you all, do you agree? If so what are other games that you think were tweaked to cater to the CoD gamer? Do you think Halo4 will be another causality of a beloved series?

I believe people began calling Halo a casualty of “the CoD effect” starting with Reach, I am not of that opinion. CoD is apparently providing a great gaming experience for a lot of players, but that cant last forever and eventually even hardcore fans of any series become bored with the same old same old or pissed that the game was changed.

Catering to the individual is not a new concept and honestly CoD is not really breaking the glass ceiling with any particular aspect of their game, it looks nice, has lots of cool weapons and you can pick it up and learn to play it in about an hour, thats pretty much 95% of the games out there.

Halo 4 will most likely be an amazing AAA game, but be prepared for the same twin circle of logic that will follow.

1.Its exactly the same as X, so Im bored with it.

2.Its changed too much from X, so I dont like it.

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Mod why was this moved? It has the intent of addressing state of video game developing being effected by the sales figures of MW3. Not necessarily about Halo4

> Mod why was this moved? It has the intent of addressing state of video game developing being effected by the sales figures of MW3. Not necessarily about Halo4

They don’t know how to do their job properly. Don’t pay too much attention to their actions.

I agree, OP. It’s nothing new though. Back in the day there were plenty of Doom clones and games aspiring to become more “Doomy” in the hopes of riding the new wave. It’s just the way the industry works. Video games are products, and if one product is selling exceptionally well compared to those around it the natural thing is to say, “hey, if my product was more like theirs I’d get more sales!” It works sometimes too, other times not so well.

Many developers have financial backing, and that backing wants something in return: money, profit. Devs seem hesitant to try new things in the fear that their truly new product won’t be popular and profit margins would be smaller than if they had made a CoD clone or “CoDified” their franchise. The other reality is that publishers won’t allow the devs they’re backing to try new things in fear of poor sales. I imagine there’s far less freedom in what they’re actually allowed to do than the consumer realises.

For instance, a team proposed a “hardcore tactical shooter” to major publisher and they were turned down with reasons being that console gamers weren’t interested in such a thing, or more, they couldn’t play it. "‘Console gamers are too impatient; they won’t play this kind of game.’ Console gamers literally are too dumb to play this kind of game”.

From an outside observer it seems developers just serve whatever the flavour of the year is. This year, as has been the case for the past years, is CoD. The 007 re-make was prone to CoDification, and that really disappointed me. It takes real visionaries to break the normal moulds, but if their idea becomes popular, the next big thing, well, then everyone starts copying them. It’s just the cycle.

Alot of people also fail to remember many games share the same basic engine. There are countless games that use the Unreal engine. When that happens any game that uses it will remind consumers of another game. Truthfully its hard to tell how Halo 4 will be until we see more info or a demo for it.

> Mod why was this moved? <mark>It has the intent of addressing state of video game developing being effected by the sales figures of MW3</mark>. Not necessarily about Halo4

That sounds like a General Discussion topic to me

Well said cheesy.

I think I would rank Bethesda as the best developer out their just for the fact they do not compromise on their vision at all.