1 Ach. left.

Hello Im new to the forums and I was wondering if someone or people would like to help me get my last ach. the general rank on LIVE. I was wondering if it takes awhile or if it is hard. My gamer tag is SkYNET 212. Send requests if you can help me. Thanx again guys!

If you are talking about Halo Wars, the best way of getting it would probably be 3v3 UA with a good strategy. I got about twice as much from that as I did deathmatch.

3v3, play as UNSC (I use Forge but any leader will do). Go SP,SP,SP,R,R,VD,B and make 3 Spartanks, clear out a second base. Build 3 SP on yor second base and fully upgrade your Spartanks while harassing the enemy with them, then work on your second base. Get a second Vehicle Depot up, an Armoury, maybe get an Air Pad and research the Hornet upgrades just in case. Make Cobras and Wolverines as appropriate to defend your bases, go on hit-and-run with your Spartanks. Don’t defeat them, just keep taking buildings and expansions out, don’t let your Spartanks die (you’ll get them up to 14 star, and you want a high multiplier). Keep going until your teammates win for you or your opponents resign.

This won’t work against decent opponents, but against noobs it will get you huge amounts of points. Plus having 3 14-star tanks is just plain awesome.