1-50 ranking system.

I honestly don’t understand why it’s such a huge deal. back in H3 People just glitched their way up to 50 anyway, and many of the 50s I played against were garbage…

So why do people keep begging for a 1-50 ranking system?

Its not a question of the game.

Its all about self validation. Most of us gamer’s don’t do well with real life achievements so when we find something we’re good at we want to know we are good at it.

I think the one to fifty rank system should only come in after you’ve hit SR50 and start on the specialisations. But the CSR is coming soon so.

The 1-50 was a horrible system with horrible problems. It is not necessary or welcome by me.

I’ve been a Halo gamer since the beginning, and I couldn’t care less if there is a 1-50 system.

id like to see it as itll make the war games a little more challenging and hopefully itll stop most the complaining on the forum

> The 1-50 was a horrible system with horrible problems. It is not necessary or welcome by me.

BPR from reach wasnt better
if i give you as an example my friend and myself, i got like a .70 bpr and he got a .91 bpr ( wich is close to pro cuz max is 1.00 )

when i saw that, i asked him to play agains me and i litterally destroyed his face in 9 of the 11 games we did. We also played in a lan party and i came in first the whole night.

so my point his no ranking is perfect, 1-50 is probly the best

I would hope most of the community wouldn’t care about the actual number but rather the experience behind it.

I’m sorry but playing by yourself is seldom fun in this game especially when more often than not your team of randoms is paired against a team of party chatters all communicating what’s going on. This game is built for casual players currently.

I’m not here to knock Halo 4, I think at it’s core it’s a great game and a far improvement from Halo 3 and Reach in my opinion. Fact remains is that for a lot of players there’s really no motivation to really try anymore except to avoid being t bagged by some 12 year old in the 5 seconds after the game ends.

Competitive playlists, however frustrating they were, more often than not paired you with like minded players who wanted to win.

And don’t even try to throw out “It’s a game shouldn’t you be having fun and not worried about ranks?”. There’s nothing fun about have 4 team mates that sit in the back of Ragnarok and -Yoink!- snipers and active camo.