1-50 ranking system doesn't matter

Halo 4 should have a ranking system, but it does not matter if rank is represented by numbers like 1-50, letters like A-Z, or if you use symbols of FRUIT to represent ranks. What matters is HOW a player gets rank.

A player should only obtain a higher rank for WINNING games, not just by playing them. It does not matter how many kills you personally get in a game, how many sticks you get, heasd-shots, or otherwise should be based on any of your stats. Buy why? Why do I say that?

Well, think of it this way. The Super Bowl Champions, the World Series champions and the champs for any other sport or game, even World Chess Champions, they only achieved those titles for WINNING games. You can score 5 touchdowns every game in football, get 50 points every game in basketball, or capture your opponents queen in every chess game, but none of that matters IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY WIN THE GAME.

Equally so, a level 50 or whatever the highest rank is represented by should not have that rank just for getting a lot of kills in a game or based on any other stats. They should only get rank… If they win.