1.10.13 - Community Bulletin to 343i...

Well, it’s now 2013 and the first bulletin from 343i to the community is upon us, all is well…or it should be.

I am not some holier than thou appointed spokesman for the community. I don’t hold myself in any special light to speak on everyone’s thoughts and views, I am sure I will not speak for everyone but I believe and hope I speak for a vast majority of Halo 4 gamers. This is my attempt to give 343i a bulletin on behalf of us - the loyal Halo community.

We the community have received bulletins that attempt to keep us informed, inspired and excited for the changes, additions and rotations in our beloved Halo 4 and it is time for us, as a community, to give a bulletin to hopefully inform, inspire and excite 343i, it’s only fair. Gaming, as a whole, is a 2-way street. Developers and community need to be hand in hand, same goal, same want and desire for a games direction and life.

With the 1.9.13 bulletin it is very clear - the task to make an all encompassing Halo 4 is very laborious. So many views and various thoughts of the direction of Halo 4 make it nearly, if not entirely, impossible to make all of us, the community, happy. We understand this. The community, as a whole, is smart and intelligent. We are more than aware with whatever game was released it would face push back from a certain percentage of people. If too much like Halo 3 there would be some voices that scream - “halo needs to grow and adapt”. With too much change combative voices would be heard shouting - “this is not my Halo.” So we know voices will and deserve to be heard on all changes made or not made. So Frank, we agree. Not everyone can be pleased with any type of Halo game that is released.

It is, on some level, comforting to hear that there were mistakes that were made with Halo 4. It can be looked at as “growing pains” that needs to be experienced in order to sustain the growth of 343i as a whole. “What won’t kill you, will only make you stronger.” - right? I should warn you - the changes moving forward will be seen through keen eyes and held to high standards, this is only fair. If not for high standards any half hazard attempt of development in a game would seem to suffice but this is Halo, the community will not stand for half hazard games. As of now, Halo 4 is in need of some TLC from 343i. It is a good first attempt at a ground up creation and we all know, no surprises here, that major work needs to be implemented to push this current title to the next level. We both know what is needed, to act as if we don’t is underestimating your audience and we both know this can’t be.

Frank, we are happy to hear you say that we have paid for this game and are allowed to voice our opinions of it. Rightfully so. But voicing our opinions of forums that are inadequately responded to leads us to our first gripe. Communication. It is said it would be worked on in 2013 so we can’t ridicule you if it is admittingly an area that needs to be improved on. We will hold you to this. We don’t need nor want twitter feeds or facebook entries informing of new changes. This is Halo Waypoint, this is our Infinity, so it should be ground zero for breaking news.

Mistakes will happen. This is fine and accepted. What we can not nor should accept is the ignoring factor to these mistakes. As previously said, we the community are intelligent and very in tune with gaming. Some are experts; some are not but we are all understanding that mistakes will happen.

After launch there were mistakes that happened - Specialization and the DLC fiasco for example. The lack of involvement from 343i with insulting at times. Many, many, members simply asked for a “Hey guys/gals, we screwed something up. Here is the info we have at the moment, we are working on fixing it. hang in there.” But opposed to this being the answer that would have probably caused dozen upon dozens of new threads created 343i simply seemed to put everything on BS Angel’s shoulder. She was the brunt of many of these hostile threads, asking…no…DEMANDING some answers. She answered the best she could. She answered with the information she was equipped with but it wasn’t enough. If she is the bridge between 343i and the community, she must be empowered with the information needed to resolved the communities needs.

We can go on and on about other gripes; Specialization & DLC fiasco, game balance, forge gripes, Infinity Challenge issues, ect but lets, as 343i says, not look back at 2012 but lets look forward to the changed and TU planned for 2013. Don’t expect your 1.9.13 bulletin to put the fire out on your back, we will still be breathing down your neck! You don’t need to fix all of these at once but we do expect them to be addressed with your new found goal of communication in 2013. :wink:

So 343i, there is a lot to look forward to. The community has been very patient and very supportive but throwing a bone at a raging dog won’t dilute its anger entirely. Appreciation on the acknowledgement of mistakes are given but actions, actions subdue the ebbs and flows of the tide. We aren’t letting you off the hook because of the first bulletin of 2013 or the promises of updates moving forward. Trust was broken in 2012 but we are here willing to fix the broken bridges in 2013 - why? Because Halo means that much to us.

You have our franchise is in the palm of your hand! You have lost Halo for some, gained Halo for others but regardless - you have OUR Halo in your hands. Do with it as you see, plan as you must but Halo will be in your hands but always remember - you may have coded it and programmed it but WE created what is known as Halo. Without us, there would be no Halo 2, 3…ect. You have Halo in your hands but never forget - Halo is ultimately what WE make it.

we will see you on OUR virtual battlefield - aka “forums”.