$1,000 in micro transactions and Predatory tactics

Seriously? A broken progression system that doesn’t reward players, predatory micro transactions, an battlepass that feels unattainable. And to make matters worse it’s been leaked that there are over $1,035 in micro transactions at launch?

Honestly at this point I highly highly recommend people don’t spend money on this game.

It’s a shame, ive owned and played every single halo since CE first came out. My childhood is full of memories tied to this franchise……just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse then halo 5, 343 said hold my beer and made it worse. The monetization of this game is straight up criminal. The progression system forces players to spend money to level up and get the customization they want because it’s been made darn near impossible to level up just by playing.

Your voice is your wallets people. I will be on board asking for a full refund if this isn’t fixed at launch as I feel lied too and cheated. This game looks great on the surface but once you get into it, you’ll find that it’s a lemon.

At this point, halo 4 even had better customization, better multiplayer, more balanced gameplay, and it had Spartan ops to unlock armor and progression.

343 you let me down big time and for the last time. Either your fix your game or become the “no mans sky” of FPS.

At this point I’ll go back to playing cyberpunk even with all the bugs, that’s how burned I feel at the current moment


Lemme just start off by saying I really hate how customization & progression is handled in Infinite

HOWEVER, as somebody who played Halo 4 on launch & beyond, Spartan Ops was the only way to obtain reasonable amounts of XP when you were levelling up your operator specialization

it was the most mundane & tedious grind I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing & the whole experience was not preferable, I’m pretty sure I just quit the game after I had SR130

Infinite needs performance-based XP but no mode should be made more efficient at levelling than the others.


Agree! What really infuriates me is that they are selling us stuff we have in previous Halos since Halo 3!!! I am ok with the esports sets they have (Overwatch did the same) and some new ones if they want but old stuff we had in previous games? Thats just greedy AF! same with colors what the hell is that?!! I´ve seen mobile games with less predatory MTX than this game!

As much as I agree that changed is needed for this game to survive, we also need to remember the $1,000 price is a leak, and therefore may be inaccurate.

As for levelling up the pass, I really haven’t had any issues. I have not spent any money on acquiring any of the battle pass levels and I’m sitting at around 47-48 currently. Completing these challenges also haven’t really affected my performance, and last I checked I was sitting at a 1.3-1.4 K/D ratio.

Take away from that what you will.

How many hours do you play a day?…

Level 54, I had to step away from it cause I was getting very frustrated with progression after completing both weekly challenges and feeling like I was getting nowhere by any other games standard I should be like level 80ish on a 100tier battlepass for the amount of time I have spent.

The 1000$ may be a leak, but as it sits now if you add up the cost of premium battlepass (for more unlocks than just colors and xp boost/swaps) the cost of the game itself, and all current available/future content it easily reaches 1000$

I know times are changing in terms of developers needing to turn a profit (especially after the flop halo 5 was) but to me and many many others this seems extremely predatory, almost as bad as a EA title…….

The progression system needs a serious overhaul prior to full launch, more than just a 50xp flat rate per round. Maybe keep 50xp tack on 1xp for kills, 2xp for objective completion (except slayer) and a game win bonus of 10xp. The average player (which is the largest base) will happily chug along a 75ish xp per round and be perfectly happy with that.

All I’m saying is the average player that spends 2-3 hours a evening playing this game are going to quickly leave the game the moment they feel that it is not worth their time and effort as they are not being properly rewarded for their efforts. I honestly don’t see a positive outcome in defending the current progression and battlepass set up.

If 343 wants this game to be epic and legendary, some serious overhaul needs to happen in order to keep the “average gamer” involved and happy. After all the casual gamer makes up 65-75% of any games population.

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Not gonna liel i kinda agree I wish it was like how back in the old halos where you had to do hard stuff like Vidmaster Achievements etc. I just wish it was like that and not buying stuff to get helmets i know they need to make money but common this just isn’t fair for us people that just play the game and not buy stuff in it

As it sits right now, it’s 20 games played per one level up if you do not have any challenges. If you complete the challenges you can level up quickly. But once the challenges are gone for that week you are SOL and stuck playing 20 games to level up………anyone here completing 20 games in one sitting knows that it can take well over 4 hours to accomplish with match making times, game crashes, or any other issues.

Not everyone can devote that amount of time every single day to a video game. 343 will lose their player base very fast if the xp and progression is not fixed

I have no issue putting money into a game, you’ll hate me but I’ve already got the sword 1500, the main set 2000, and the legendary skin 700, 3200 in total

But that’s not why I’m here, I’m here cause 343 should consider an addition to the weekly challenges like a second tree of things to complete for that week, but instead of xp you get credits, max being 500 a week after completing the set tasks, or do one grindy one worth 500 a week, like complete 50 matches in a week, or win 10 matches in a week, or something that will take time to get to keep free to play players grinding, they also can make the pass itself a xbox store item so people can’t grind weeklies and get the pass that way, keeping the premium option or even adding that onto the market as well,
Pass shouldn’t be free but credits should be an earn able goal

But you want to talk about a broken progression system, after you get your weeklies done it seems pointless to even play, I completed my weekly challenges by day 3 getting the willow skin, I actually got to that challenge on day 1 but the sprees in fiesta were a pain and had to work :sweat_smile:, so for 4 days until reset I really don’t want to play, they really need to do something about this and I’m not talking about making weeklies harder, but maybe adding daily challenges or something to get players coming back after completion of their weeklies