0.04% of players have already completed the battle pass

According to the achievement for completing a battle pass

How is this possible? I’ve only got to level 5.

Can you complete it by just buying levels in the shop? I thought they would have limited this somehow.

Yeah you can pay for it

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@ Spam8358, Exactly. It was designed that way.

2 bucks per level

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Yeah I was surprised as well with that statistic.

Not really sure how they count the total, but, if 100 000 players is the total, then it’d mean 40 players already have completed it.
200 000 and it’s 80 players.

Was gonna check the store to see if you could buy levels, which is one possibility of already completing it, but have a test at the hospital so I had to leave.

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is giving yourself achievements through third party methods, which has been possible before.
Someone got their xbl account perma banned when they unlocked all achievements for GoW a while back, while offline. Got caught because MP achievements only doable through XBL was also achieved.

Yup. Working as intended.

By throwing your wallet at the screen, literally the only way you can rank up which is quite dull

Steam charts shows 254k peak players and that is only steam players and not even total unique players either, i am sure it is at least triple that if you include windows store players and console players. I think it is safe to assume there are at least 1 million people who have started it up at least once so far if not way more than that seeing as it is free after all. The achievement percentages are based on the number of players who launched the game at least once. This means they probably made close to a million smackers off people skipping to lvl 100 in the battle pass alone.

You’re able to pay for BattlePass levels (which plenty of other games do too). Your average player isn’t likely to be doing this but I can imagine there are Content Creators out there who will buy it all straight away to be able to showcase that stuff online.

There will always be players who will be spending large amounts of money, that’s a small percentage and doesn’t reflect the greater population or does it mean that the game is forcing players to spend large chunks of money either. The games been out for almost 3 days, players are quick to jump in and jump to conclusions

Many free to play games feature items or unlocks with absurdly high prices. The developers don’t put them up for sale expecting everyone to buy them. They only need a small population of whales to buy it for it to be profitable.